Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Never Thought I'd Want Or Need THIS Kitchen Appliance, But...Here We Are.

Our kids love the homemade meatball dog treats that I make. I'd like to start creating more homemade recipes for this type of treat. A wide variety using various lean meats and veggies. Especially for our kids although it's a little tricky. You can read about that here. But, I'm sure I can come up with more suitable recipes for them aside from the simple version I made for Lobo's Gotcha Day earlier this month.

The only problem with making homemade meatball dog treats is it's expensive. The price of ground chicken breasts is through the roof.

Which, I don't understand. We buy a considerable amount of fresh boneless chicken breasts every week for under $2.00 a pound. But, ground chicken breasts is triple that amount per pound.

It's ridiculous.

We usually stock up a bit when it goes on sale at our local grocery store. Even at the sale price of $5.00 a pound, it's a bit pricey. And, they don't offer that on sale very often.

Today, I was going to try using 94% lean ground turkey. A great alternative that's a bit cheaper. I took the ground turkey out to thaw.

As with any ingredient I use to make homemade dog treats, I always check the ingredients. I felt a little nit-picky about checking the ingredients in the lean ground turkey.

But, I'm glad I did. 

It listed 2 ingredients. Ground turkey and rosemary extract.


Rosemary extract?

Of course, I researched if rosemary was safe for dogs.

I've never used that herb with any of my homemade dog treat recipes.

According to Reference...

"Rosemary is often used to add flavor to dog food. Using it for flavoring does not cause harm to dogs. Typically, dogs do not experience any major issues by consuming a bite or two of rosemary. However, eating several bites of the herb can cause nervous system depression and upset stomach, according to Home Guides. Bog rosemary is harmful to animals. According to Pet Poison Helpline, bog rosemary can cause severe drooling, depression, vomiting, diarrhea and death."

Needless to say, I did not use the ground turkey to make homemade meatball dog treats.

I was bummed out.

Our kids really love my homemade meatball dog treats.

I froze most of the batch I made on Lobo's Gotcha Day and took out a few at a time to defrost and give to our kids for one of their afternoon snacks.

I had just used the last of them.

However, after reading what I did on rosemary extract, there was no way I was going to chance using the ground turkey.

After discussing my dilemma with Lisa, we came up with a solution. It wasn't just a solution for being able to make and create recipes for homemade meatball dog treats, it was for other options for our kid's meals.

We need to buy a meat grinder.

I'll be the first to admit, I never thought in a million years that a meat grinder would be a kitchen appliance that I'd want, need, and be able to utilize several times a week.

But, here we are.

At the end of our discussion, Lisa said, "You're the Online Deal Queen. I know you can find us a great deal on a durable meat grinder that will last us for a long time."

Challenge accepted.

I'll keep you posted...

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