Tuesday, January 29, 2019

10 Sounds That Will Wake Our Kids From A Sound Sleep...

Every now and then, I come across a repetitive meme on one of my social media streams. Even though I've seen it dozens of times, it still makes me giggle. It's the one mimicking a dog napping sound when the door opens or the doorbell rings or something else. The dog doesn't budge. However, when they hear a cheese wrapper...forget it. The dog is suddenly alert and bolts to where the cheese wrapper is heard.

I could probably make multiple similar memes.

Not including the cheese wrapper depicted on these memes because the only sliced cheese we buy is from the deli.


There are certain sounds that will wake all of our napping babies regardless of how sound they're sleeping...

1. Meat being sliced on the cutting board. We make our kid's meals each and every day. That includes slicing and dicing fresh cooked and raw produce and cooked lean meats on the cutting board. Our kids recognize the sound of the knife making contact with the cutting board. When they hear it, BOOM! They're all at our feet. Yes, we give them tiny handfuls of nibbles.

2. A Ziploc bag being opened. All of the homemade dog treats that we make are kept in Ziploc bags. They recognize the sound of one being opened.

3. The overzealous "snack time" announcement. Our kids get 2 afternoon snacks. The first, between 11:30-12:00. During this time, they get their multivitamins and snacks. The second round of snacks is given when Lisa gets home from work around 3 p.m. All I have to do is yell, "Is it snacky time for our Baby Loves?"

4. Leashes. Yep. That means it's time for outdoor playtime!

5. The back door deadbolt lock. All of the kids rush into the kitchen. Barking. Tails wagging.

6. The sound of our laundry basket being put by the back door. That means one of us, usually Lisa, is going downstairs to the basement to do laundry. Our kids assume one of us will be gone for a long period of time instead of just a few minutes.

7. Keys. Our kids know that when they hear the keys, one or both of us are taking off for a bit to run errands. This does not go over well. They're used to someone, usually me, being home at all times.

8. A metal spatula against a cookie tray. Most of the time, this sound means that I'm taking homemade dog treats off a cookie tray. Our kids know that sound very, very well.

9. A knock on the front or back door. This doesn't happen often because our "tribe" knows to text us first before coming over. But...

10. One of us bringing a box indoors. More often than not, any packages we receive usually includes something for our kids. Even though I try to sneak boxes in, our kids just know. They always think the contents of the boxes are for them.

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