Saturday, December 15, 2018

More Homemade Cookies Baked For The Annual Santa Run

Our local fire department does a Santa Run every December. It's a mini parade of firetrucks and emergency response vehicles complete with lights and sirens. At the very end, is Santa in his sleigh. They start at noon and it runs through about 9 p.m. They collect non-perishable food and other items for Project P.I.N. It's one of our favorite moments during the month of December.

During the late morning hours, I baked homemade cookies for the firefighters who participate in the Santa Run. We know a few people on the team. This is the third year that I've baked them their Bucket O' Cookies for when they stop in front of our home. They always look forward to their cookies.

When the Santa Run nears our home, we always put the kids in the bedroom. The noise of the sirens makes them all nervous.

This makes me sad because Santa is more than willing to hold furry kids for a photo.


But, aside from that, we get excited when we see the mini Santa Run parade making its way up our street.

And, the excitement because they know we have their Bucket O' Cookies for them.

'Tis the season.

We're lovin' it!

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