Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sunlight And Snuggles

As our family has gotten bigger over the years, our life has changed. Little by little. In 2012, we adopted Coco. In 2014, we adopted Sophie. In 2015, we adopted Lobo. In 2017, we adopted Willa. With each baby who has joined our family, we've had to make sacrifices, changes, and deal with various friends and family who have criticized our decisions. Aside from the changes, sacrifices, and criticism, other stuff has happened.

Each of our kids has brought out the best in each other. Their personalities have blossomed even more. They play more. They communicate with each other. Their preferences have changed a bit. They play games with each other. Etc.

It truly has been an amazing journey all the way around. 

One change that I've noticed as of late has happened between Coco and Willa.

Usually, Coco preferred to take his many naps in our bed. Under the blankets. He's the reason why we haven't been able to make our bed for the last 6 1/2 years.

Over the past couple of months, that has changed.

I attribute that change to Willa's love of the sunlight.

During the early morning hours, the sunlight streams through one of our living room windows. It shines on the floor and our sofa.

Willa has always taken this time to stretch out and nap in the sun.

Just recently, Coco has experienced this delightful morning pleasure.

He loves it.

Now, instead of napping under the blankets in our bed, Coco takes all of his naps on the sofa. Both him and Willa share the sunlight.

They snuggle together.

I love this.

It's the little things in life.

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