Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I Embrace All Of The Work At Home Dog Mom Daily Favorite Moments

As a Work at Home Dog Mom, I have quite a few "daily favorite moments." Listening to our kids eat their meals with gusto. The sound of our kids lapping from the myriad of water bowls we have scattered throughout our home. The excitement when I yell, "It's snacky timeeeeeeee, baby loves!" Covering each of our kids in their favorite blankets and kissing them on the head when they take their morning and afternoon naps. The excitement when their other Mama arrives home from work.

Shortly after Lisa arrives home from work, THIS happens.

She sits on the sofa.

The kids plaster her face with juicy kisses.

They find their spots.

Lisa spends time with them.

Once they've calmed down a bit from the excitement, they get their second afternoon snack.

That's always a big deal too.

It's another daily favorite moment.

I embrace them all.

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