Friday, October 12, 2018

10 Ways I Conquer Writer's Block. They're A Bit Unconventional, But...

Writer's Block sucks. I hate it. Those are the sporadic moments when I sit in front of my Chrome Book or laptop staring at the screen. Most of the blog columns I write for this blog are during the late evening hours. An entire day has just happened. Sharing my days with the world as a Work at Home Dog Mom is what this blog is all about. Yet, I draw a blank.

As a writer, I have to be careful about how long I allow myself to sit and linger in the land of writer's block. If I sit too long, my thoughts will wander and spiral downward quite rapidly.

My writing sucks. 

No one cares about Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

I should just throw up my hands now and give up on my writing career.

Is there anyone truly interested in my life as a Work at Home Dog Mom?

Is it too late to have a glass of wine?

There are so many Dog Mom bloggers out there who have way more exciting adventures to blog about. 

I still don't know how to use 95% of the features on my camera because it's been 6 years since Lisa bought it for me. I still haven't read the manual. I don't even know where the manual is. 

I wish I didn't hate basements so much and I knew how to use power tools without injuring myself.

It gets much worse. Somehow, my habit of being my own worse enemy creeps into the world of writer's block.

Regardless of the time, I have to force myself to get up and distract myself to get out of that mode. I'm sure my methods of breaking free from writer's block aren't conventional, but...

1. I pace. Room to room to room. I focus on various objects within each room and remember the stories behind them. I also remember what each room looked like shortly after we moved in back in July of 2012 and how much they've changed.

2. I count the number of throw blankets in each room. It doesn't matter if they're on furniture or the multitude of DIY dog beds and lounge areas. I'm reminded that I have a blanket addiction.

3. I wash the dishes. Whether it's a small load or large load, there's something comforting about hot water and soapy bubbles and cleaning.

4. I look through our kitchen cupboards. I mentally plan out how I'm going to rearrange and organize them once I get around to it. There are 2 cans of creamed corn in the back corner of one that I'm sure are expired. I have no idea why we even have creamed corn. We don't eat it. And, we have too many coffee mugs.

5. I spend a little time on Pinterest. It's my go-to place for inspiration for meals and DIY Dog Mom Project stuff. I like to see what other people are whipping up in the kitchen or their workshops.

6. I glance through my photo folders and CDs. I have a ton of them. I love taking trips down memory lane.

7. I turn the tunes up. Then, I put on a pair of slipper socks and dance around on the linoleum kitchen floor. Pure therapy. I only do this occasionally during the afternoon hours. No one would appreciate my music selection at 11 p.m.

8. I read old blog columns. Most of the time when I do this, I have to correct an error or two. I'm not successful enough to have an editor. Yet.

9. I watch our kids lounge, play, interact with each other, and nap. They're amazing little bundles of joy. Considering the situations they were rescued from, they all turned out to be pretty great. I kiss the top of their little heads and cover them up with their favorite blankets.

10. Wine. Did you think I was going to skip that one? Nope.

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