Monday, August 13, 2018

We Are Tackling Our To-Do List At Our Own Pace. Because We Can This Week.

Lisa is officially on vacation this entire week. We have no big plans. There's a lot of stuff we want to get done this week around the house. What's nice is that we can sleep in a bit, sip our coffee in the living room with our kids, and tackle our To-Do List at our own pace. This is a luxury we don't often get.

The first thing on our list was to finish cleaning up from Lisa's 50th Birthday Bash on Saturday

Yesterday, I could barely move. After spending all day and night prepping on Friday, finishing up with the final touches and the actual party on Saturday, my body was broken.

Lisa, on the other hand, took care of the outdoor cleanup. She took the canopies down just in time. About a half hour, after she took them down, we got rain. Lots of it. And, it rained hard on and off all day.

So glad we didn't move the party to our Sunday rain date.

After the cleanup was finished and the DIY Dog Mom Workshop was back in order, I spent a few hours in there creating some desk/shelf decor pieces. Lisa did odds and ends around our home. I could tell she wanted to get some outside work done, but the weather didn't permit that.

Our To-Do List also includes painting the bathroom. That's the only room we didn't finish during our Big Bodacious Painting Project in May.

This week, I'll be creating and posting our 2018 wooden Bodacious Country Pumpkins. That will involve Lisa spending time in her woodshop cutting, sanding, and distressing the pieces for me.

The weather is supposed to clear up by Wednesday. Lisa is itching to get the lawn and other yard work done.

The kids are lovin' having Lisa home. They've all been glued to her side. Lisa pretends they're driving her nuts, but she is soaking up all the attention and juicy kisses.

And, of course, extra snacks. 

I love it when she's home too. One of my favorite times during the day when she's on vacation is lunchtime. Although I don't eat lunch, I always make Lisa lunch.

Instead of having our typical lunch chat via phone when Lisa is at work, we get to sit at the table and chat when she's on vacation. No matter what we're in the middle of, this is our time to take a break and enjoy each other's company.

The kids always gather around her feet. Willa sits on the chair beside of her. Lisa shares her lunch with the kids.

I'm looking forward to this week.

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