Friday, August 10, 2018

I Was A Bit Spoiled Today...

It's the day before Lisa's 50th Birthday Bash. It's been a stressful and busy week between putting the final touches on Lisa's party, stressing a bit about the weather, finishing up custom orders, and other odds and ends. I spent the entire day prepping for the party tomorrow. Cooking. Baking. Cleaning. Transforming the DIY Dog Mom Project room into the party food room just in case we need to utilize indoor seating.

Amid all of my hustle and bustle, I received 2 surprises today that totally made my day.

The first, our dear friend Kim sent a text letting me know that she was providing dinner for us this evening.

When I got the text, my first reaction was, "Holy shit. I hadn't even thought about dinner..." I accepted her offer with a world of gratitude. Dinner and company. It's just what I needed.

A few hours later, Lisa arrived home from work. She presented me with some of my favorite wine. I told her this weekend wasn't about me. It's all about HER celebrating the half-century she's walked on the face of this Earth and embarking on the next half-century. It's also the start of her weeklong vacation.

She put her hand up.

"I know you're busting ass. This is my gift to you. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've planned and prepped for."

My eyes welled up with tears.

Although Lisa thanks me all the time for doing what I do, today it went a little deeper. Despite her crazy work week, she took notice to the weeks of planning and the amount of effort it has taken to plan her 50th Birthday Bash.

For the remainder of the afternoon, I baked cupcakes and put together the door prizes for her 50th Birthday Bash.

And...sipped wine. 

We enjoyed a fantastic feast with our dear friend and her daughter.

I'm a little behind on what I wanted to get done today. I'm officially stressing about the weather. However, the rest of the stuff will get done tomorrow. We have plenty of canopies. We moved the party to the front yard. Indoor seating will be available.

We're going to embrace the day tomorrow and enjoy the festivities...rain or shine.

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