Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Need To Get A Monkey Figurine For My Desk To Remind Me

It's Wednesday. It was hot and humid outdoors. Lisa's vacation is half over. We've been up since 6:30 a.m. Lisa embarked on the tedious task of painting the bathroom. Although the bathroom is very small, it took most of the afternoon to complete. There's a lot of trim. Plus, a lot of the wall space can't be painted with a roller.

While she was working on the bathroom, I tended to some desk work and spent many hours in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. I had a few custom orders to complete. I'm also working on numerous desk and shelf decor pieces and our 2018 wooden Bodacious Country Pumpkins.

After the bathroom was painted, Lisa changed into her yard work apparel.

While I made her lunch, she took the kids out for playtime.

Then, Lisa sat down and gobbled up her lunch. We chatted for a bit. That involved clearing a small area of the kitchen table because all of our bathroom stuff is in the kitchen.

Yep. We'll be ordering takeout tonight for a late dinner. 

Tomorrow is looking like another busy day. Due to the weather and the grass being so thick, Lisa divided up the yard work into 2 days. Plus, she's planning on fixing the mailbox with the help of our "neighborhood husband."

But, before that happens, our bathroom will be put back together. I can't wait. I've been avoiding the kitchen at all cost because the table and some of the counter space is loaded with the items from our bathroom.

Amid all of this, what stands out the most is a conversation Lisa and I had during our coffee chat time in the living room this morning.

We both have the same things weighing heavy on us.

Lisa took notice of my unusual silence during our coffee chat time.

"What's eating at you?"

"Our Aunt. What happened on Monday and yesterday. What I saw today. The email I received. The fact that I got sucked into the same vicious circle again thinking this time would be different."

Lisa took a sip of coffee. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

"We've had several hard pills to swallow this week. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about Aunt R's situation. Cancer sucks. It has taken the lives of too many people we love. But, like you've said each and every time, we can honor their lives by embracing each day that we wake up...breathing."

I knew this conversation was difficult for Lisa too.

"And we do. We wake up every day. Early. We work hard. Sometimes during the week, when you get home from work, and after you spend time with our kids, you have a quick snack, change your clothes and then head outside to mow the lawn. I'm inside finishing up work and while waiting for paint to dry, I do housework. It's non-stop.

Between all of that, we still extend ourselves. We help others out. And I love that about us. It's just that last week and Monday and Tuesday, we obviously wasted our time. Again. That part is my fault."

"What happened is not your fault. We put in the effort. Last week, when the effort was reciprocated, everything was fine. This week, especially yesterday, when it wasn't, you got the proverbial hand in your face. You're not responsible for other people's actions or how people respond to what you have to say about it."

I grabbed a Kleenex.

"This has happened before on more than one occasion. At this point, I feel like our time and efforts are not being respected. You were completely disrespected yesterday. So was I. And, when I speak up about it, nothing. Then, it appears that no privileges were taken away. 

Back in the day, if we disrespected one of our elders, some serious consequences were doled out. We got grounded big time. Today, nope. Nothing.

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the laziness. The disrespect. The attitudes. Certain people wasting our time. The lies. Being shunned when I speak up about it. And it is allowed time and time again. It's not okay."

Lisa took another sip of coffee.

"Be done with it. I know it's easier said than done, but you retired from providing certain services for a reason. This is why. Instead of kicking yourself in the ass, let this be your final reminder as to why. Close the door. Bolt it shut. 

Then, take all of that energy you invested into those services and put it into other things like building your business, becoming a well-known Dog Mom Blogger, the books you're working on, and all the other stuff you never seem to have time for like photography and your famous food porn."


"You're right. I just need to get over this hurdle of frustration. I'm done. Lesson learned...once again."

"That's my girl. I know it sucks. I'm not too happy either with what happened and how it was handled, but there's nothing we can do about it. Not our circus. Not our monkeys."

"I need to get a monkey figurine for my desk so I can be continuously reminded."

"I'll get you one."

From that moment on, I pushed forward and we both had a productive day.

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