Saturday, July 14, 2018

This Welcome Sign Is Made From A Piece Of 100+ Year Old Barn Wood

It's not often that we get a piece of 100+-year-old barnwood. But, when we do, it's a really big deal. We contemplated long and hard. What to do. Then, it was decided. A welcome sign. Prior to working my magic in the DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop, Lisa graced this piece with her sander.

This is what the antique barn wood looked like prior to working my magic. I primed the front. Then, painted it a rich shade of Vanilla. I added some faded ivy at the top and bottom before painting the big, Barn Red 'Welcome.'

Once dried, I coated the front with a protective satin varnish.

We are completely head over heels with this sign. It's one of those pieces that I'm having a difficult time to part with.

But...I have to.

We're offering this sign for $25.

It stands a little over 3 feet tall and 11 inches wide.

It can be a stand-up sign or one that is hung on the wall. We'll attach brackets if you choose to hang it up.

This sign is one of the downfalls of creating DIY Dog Mom Projects and repurposing.

Often times, I don't want to part with items.

But, if I were to hold onto the stuff I wanted, we'd need a home 5 times the size of ours.


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