Friday, July 20, 2018

So Far, So Good On The DIY Dog Mom Projects That Are Not Dog-Themed

When we first started creating DIY Dog Mom Projects, we stuck to dog-themed items. Beds. Toyboxes. Blankets. Decor. As time went on, I started receiving emails and private messages inquiring about custom order signs. Did we take orders for custom signs? Absolutely. The next question was almost always the same. "The sign wouldn't be doggy themed. Was that okay?" Absolutely.

Towards the end of last year, and after making over a dozen custom signs that had nothing to do with dogs or cats, I gave serious thought to expanding the DIY Dog Mom Projects that we created.

Part of that deliberation was giving serious thought to the term 'DIY Dog Mom Projects.' One would assume that because Dog Mom was nestled between DIY and Projects, anything we created would be dog-themed. I would probably assume the same as well.


Our choice to insert Dog Mom wasn't to describe what we made. It was more or less to highlight the fact that we're Dog Moms who make DIY Projects. It identified who we are and it all ties in with Our Bodacious Dog Mom Life.

We both decided that we'd give it a try at the beginning of this year.

And, so far, so good.

Our most recent non-dog-themed project is this Swear Jar. I was feeling a bit feisty this morning. That inspired me to create this rustic style Swear Jar.

I seriously want to keep this to hang in our home, but we're running out of wall space. Lisa also mentioned that I would need a much larger swear jar.

She knows me well.

Our trend of making a mix of both dog-themed and non-dog-themed items, and a few kitty-themed items too, will continue.

Stay tuned for more...

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