Friday, June 29, 2018

Something Really Incredible Happened Today

Earlier this month, I mentioned that an old school friend was going to be in our neck of the woods along with her son and bestie. They are spending a few days at the beach about 40 minutes south of us. When I learned of this, I suggested they come over for dinner. I wasn't sure that would happen because of the commute and their plans. There's a lot to see in the area where they are staying. But, about a week after I mentioned it, I received a message. They were going to include us in their vacation plans!

I was beyond excited!

I haven't seen Tracy in over 30 years. Up until today, I convinced myself that I wouldn't be nervous or cry. I was doing okay with that until this afternoon as I put the final touches on the birthday dinner and dessert for Tracy.

Tracy, James, and Elsa arrived shortly after 4 p.m. After a lengthy hug and lots of tears, we sat down at the table for drinks. Lisa went outside to grill the chicken.

The conversation flowed throughout the evening. It felt like I had seen Tracy just last week. We did a little catching up but mostly talked about life, trials, and tribulations, and other odds and ends. After a scrumptious dinner, we let the kids out. They were excited to meet new people. Willa enjoyed a game of fetch in the backyard with Lisa and James.

The evening ended much too quickly. Prior to their departure, I opened the card and gift Tracy and James gave us when they arrived. I got a bit choked up. It's a gorgeous, rustic framed cloth with one of our favorite scripts needlepointed on.

After they left, we hung their gift in the living room. It's the perfect spot for so many reasons. We walk by this repurposed bookshelf at least 178 times a day.

We'll be seeing Tracy and James again this summer. They're invited to Lisa's 50th Backyard Birthday Bash. Elsa isn't sure if she can make it, but we're keeping our fingers and paws crossed.

I'm exceptionally grateful for this evening. More so, I'm thankful they included us in their vacation plans and made the trip to our home to share a meal.

Thank you for a wonderful evening Tracy, James, and Elsa!

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