Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When You Haven't Seen Someone In Over 30 Years...

When I got up this morning, I had no idea that I'd receive a Facebook message that would have me jumping up from my office chair. Hootin' and hollering. Getting a bit emotional. Sitting on the edge of my chair. Bursting at the seams. But, I did. It happened.

To back up just a tiny bit, I learned that a woman I went to school with, Tracy, was traveling to Mystic, CT. with her son and best friend. That's about a half hour south of us. Their mini vacation was to celebrate Tracy's birthday. I offered to host dinner at our home on Friday, June 29th. She was unsure of their plans. She'd get back to me.

Late this morning, she did. They all were going to be here on Friday the 29th. To iron out the details, I asked Tracy if she could give me a call at some point during her busy work day. She was able to, but it would have to be when all of her patients were taken care of.

I got emotional well before she called. Tracy and I reconnected a few years ago on Facebook. Since then, we've messaged back and forth. Last year, twice, Tracy sent me a couple of just because gifts that meant the world to me. I have been filling up a Box O' Love to send to her.

Tracy is a remarkable woman. She's an inspiration and does so much for her community. She has touched and made a difference in people's lives over the years. Tracy is simple, down to Earth, a phenomenal Mother and Grandma. She has worked hard throughout her life and conquered the hardships like a warrior. She has raised her kids to be strong, hardworking adults who respect others and earn an honest living.

Over the past year, we have invited Tracy to attend a few events we've hosted at our home. Our Anniversary part last July. Lisa's Last-40-Something Birthday Party last August. Our Spreading Holiday Love and Cheer in December. Unfortunately, between work and the weather, Tracy wasn't able to make the journey.


On Friday, June 29th, Tracy will be here with her best friend and son for dinner and festivities. I am beyond excited. I haven't seen her in over 30 years.

Yeah, 30 years!!

I. Can't. Wait.

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