Saturday, May 26, 2018

Today, We Played More Than We Worked. But, It Was Much Needed.

Our Big Bodacious Painting Project continued through this week. I worked on painting the kitchen and the kitchen cupboards. I got all of the trim done. Most of the edging done on the walls. And, the first coat of Kilz primer on the cabinetry. It was a lot of work. Our home is old. The cabinetry is old. In addition, I had my usual daily stuff to do. Taking care of the kids. Housework. Work. Doing my best to make dinner while our kitchen was out of order. Lisa heading back to work after her week-long vacation. Errands. Etc...

Needless to say, it's been a rough week.

Lisa has been helping with the kitchen, housework, and meal prep when she has gotten home from work. Last night, she put in a few hours before we headed upstairs for a late dinner that our dear friend Kim provided for us.

This morning, we got up early. Had our coffee chat time. Spent time with our kids. Then, we busted out a few hours of work before heading across the street to our neighbor friend's house for a cookout.

Originally, we had everything all planned out. Start early. Head over about 2-ish. Stay for a couple of hours. Come home. Finish the cabinetry.

That didn't exactly happen...

Late last night, Lisa remembered that she had a doctors appointment at 10 a.m. this morning. Then, she had an errand to run.

We also failed to take the weather into consideration. It was in the 90's. Hazy. Hot. Humid. We were completely reliant on the air conditioners to keep our home cool and dry.

Despite our best efforts, the second coat of Kilz that we had to apply to certain areas of the cupboards didn't dry and cure in the allotted amount of time.

Above all, we didn't realize that we needed a break. Away from home. Having fun. 

We walked across the street at about 2:30 with our chairs, vegetable platter and Lemon Sangria (aka Lemon Breeze). We were both wearing our work clothes. Our skin sported paint smears. I had a rather thick smear in my hair.

None of the guests cared. It reminded me of the theme of our wedding, "Come As You Are."

It was ridiculously hot and humid out.

But, once we arrived, we exhaled and relaxed. We played Badminton. Enjoyed adult beverages. Ate scrumptious food from the grill and beyond. Talked. Laughed.

I think our neighbor friends, who have become family, knew we needed a break from Our Big Bodacious Painting Project more than we did.

It was well after 6 p.m. before we walked back across the street to our home. We were both exhausted and worn out, but we felt rejuvenated.

Lisa did the dishes and gave a few spots on the cupboards a second coat of Kilz.

I sat on the sofa with all of the kids and dozed off.

Our evening ended with watching a show on Netflix.

Then bed.

We'll be getting up early tomorrow morning to paint the cupboards and begin to put our kitchen back together.

That was something we were supposed to do today.


We needed that break today.

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