Friday, May 25, 2018

Lobo Wore A Dress From 1973. We Both Laughed.

Last March, I published a blog column about our version of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge. If you're not familiar with this challenge, it's more or less a decluttering challenge. The purpose is to bag up unused and unworn stuff in your home, one room or area at a time, for 40 days. There are variations on this challenge and it's often combined with the KonMari decluttering method.

Throughout the past few years, we've done just that. We haven't clung to any definitive method. Lisa and I simply got rid of things that we hadn't used or worn for a couple of years. We also held a yard sale to declutter the basement so Lisa could set up her woodshop.

When I say "got rid of" that translates to us bagging and boxing the items up and donating them.

Now, our home is filled with items we love, bring us joy, and have a story behind it. There's also a generous mix of items that have been passed down from our grandparents and great-grandparents.

Last week, in addition to Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we did our annual Spring cleaning. A portion of that involved getting rid of a few items.

Yes, just a few because our home has been decluttered for quite some time.

I decided to get rid of the 2 large bulletin boards that hung in our home office behind my desk. They've been hanging in the home office since 2012 and has been the keeper of mementos and other sentimental stuff.

After completely rearranging the office, we made the decision to not hang them back up. I want to have a dog decor wall collage behind and on the side of my desk instead.

The items hanging on the bulletin board went into a gorgeous decorative box that a friend of mine sent me last year.

The bulletin boards have found a new home.

The other item we got rid of was a large covered wicker basket. It was filled with my baby clothes from 1973-1974. Amid the clothes were a few baby blankets, two pairs of baby shoes, my baby cup, and a figurine.

I had received this filled wicker basket about 4 years ago. It has sat on the floor in various rooms over time.

When we began Our Big Bodacious Painting Project and Spring cleaning, I struggled with the decision to either get rid of it or keep it.

I have no sentimental attachment to baby clothes I wore over 40 years ago. We do not have any human kids to pass them down to. They serve no purpose. I don't particularly love them.

I made the decision to go through the basket. I kept a few blankets. I kept the sweater and cape my Grammy knitted for me. I kept the shoes and baby cup and figurine.

The rest went into a trash bag to be donated.

I was on the home office floor when I went through the basket. All of the kids surrounded me and sat between my legs because they love it when one or both of us are on the floor.

I came across a baby dress. Lobo was right there. It fit him perfect. I put him on top of the basket and grabbed the camera to take a photo. He was facing me. Perfect photo opportunity.

Coco and Sophie ran to the other room because they were like, "Nope. We're not playing dress up, Mommy." Willa just sat there. 

But then, right as I was about to get that photo...

Lobo looked at Lisa who was on the other side of the basket. The look on his face was priceless. Lisa and I both got a good laugh.

Lisa took the dress off after I snapped the photo.

This lighthearted moment is exactly what I needed.

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