Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It's All Good. We'll Get It Done.

I'll be honest, I've always hated our kitchen cupboards. I'm not a fan of paneling or light colored wooden cabinets. They lacked the hardware to open and close the cabinets. The grooves in the cabinets were dust collectors. They're cheap and not shy about displaying wear and tear. Plus, the wood trim on the bottom of the lower cabinets is made of flimsy wood. All the way around, they're ugly and outdated.

When we first planned Our Big Bodacious Painting Project, we didn't have plans on giving the cupboards a makeover. I knew with every ounce of my being what that entailed.

However, our neighbor friend asked if we wanted a gallon of Valspar Cabinet enamel paint that he had purchased a short time ago. Originally, he was going to paint the cabinets in his home, but then at the last minute decided to stain them.

At first, we said no, but then Lisa showed me the color. It's a gorgeous muted pale Ivy.

A bit darker than what we painted the home office.

That caught my interest. It would match up perfectly with the Honey Mist color we chose for the kitchen walls.

So, we accepted the gallon of high-quality paint. He was more than happy that someone was able to use it.

That stuff isn't cheap. It goes for $49.98 a gallon at Lowe's plus tax. 

We offered him money, but he said no.

On Sunday, we did test strips. One using the Valspar paint on the kitchen cupboards. The other using the Behr Marquee Interior paint on the 1/2 paneled surface in the new DIY Dog Mom Project room.

That stuff isn't cheap either at $44.98 a gallon plus tax.

There was a part of me that held high hopes for gallons of $45-$50 paint.

I thought maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't need a primer.

But, we did. I wasn't comfortable with the results of the test strips.

Yesterday, on the way home from work, Lisa picked up a gallon of Kilz Premium Primer.

Today, I gave most of the cupboards a generous coat of Kilz. Lisa is going to tackle the higher cupboards so I don't have to climb a ladder.

I've been relying on the A/C to keep things cool and dry inside because it's been rainy and humid outside.

The kitchen has proven to be the most challenging room. The baseboards are low and only a few inches tall. A few of the cupboards have required a second coat of Kilz. They're not drying quickly because even though our air conditioners help, it's still a bit humid in here.

And, I have no idea what's up with the flimsy wood trim beneath the lower cupboards.

My goal of getting the kitchen done by end of day today is all but shot.

Tomorrow isn't looking good either.

But, as Lisa has so eloquently put it, "It's all good...we'll get it done."

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