Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Gentleman And His Furry Kid Left An Impression

Yesterday, I realized I was running low on supplies. I needed a few things to complete our Wooden Dog Bone Shaped Leash Holders and a couple of other DIY Dog Mom Projects. When Lisa got home from work, she was more than happy to run to our local Ace Hardware store. Her excitement was mostly due to the fact that Ace allows furry kids. Lisa grabbed Lobo and took off for their little adventure.

During the time they were gone, Lisa sent me a few photos. These photos make me smile. I was an Ooey Gooey Dog Mom Sappy Mess. It's not often our kids are welcomed at the places we shop or visit.

When they are, it's a pretty big deal.

In the past, we've brought our kids to the few places that actually allow pets. And, once in a blue moon, we've snuck 'em into places that we're unsure of...*ahem*

Regardless, over the years, and after much observation, I'm frustrated as to why more businesses don't allow furry kids.

I get the whole insurance thing. I also understand there are some pet parents who don't keep an eye on their furry kid as much as they should. We've both witnessed situations in the past including a pet parent who felt letting their pup run around a pet supply store freely was okay.

However, most of us parents of furry kids are responsible.

As I write this, I'm reminded of a situation we encountered last September.

Lisa and I were in a popular retail store. We encountered a man who had his large furry kid pup with him. The pup was not a service dog. We asked before approaching his pup. The man was more than happy we asked and that we were supportive of his furry kid being in the store.

We spent about 10 minutes chatting with him and spending time with his furry kid. He thanked us repeatedly before parting ways.

One thing this gentleman mentioned was that he freely took his furry kid into retail locations and venues that didn't have a sign stating: "No Dogs/Pets Allowed." The only exceptions were grocery stores and restaurants.

He went into detail about this...

"Most retail locations have signs on their doors about what's allowed in their establishments and what is not allowed. The most popular is "shirts and shoes are required" but that's usually it. If there isn't a sign stating that furry kids aren't allowed, I bring my dog in. If something is said, I'll gently explain that I didn't see a sign stating that furry kids aren't allowed. At that point...well, it's up for debate."

Lisa and I were both intrigued by his philosophy. The retail location that we were shopping at didn't have a sign on the door. The gentleman walked by several employees. No one said anything. Maybe he had been there before with his furry kid and they knew him. Maybe they didn't. Regardless, he was there. Shopping with his furry kid.

On the way home, Lisa jokingly said she was going to test out a few retail locations.

I rolled my eyes.

Although Lisa has yet to challenge retail locations, the gentleman and his furry kid definitely left an impression. I always check the signs on the doors at various retail locations. If there isn't a "No Dogs/Pets Allowed" sign, I wonder if the gentleman and his furry kid have roamed the aisles.

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