Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Big Painting Project Will Be Happening In May...

Last February, Lisa and I had made plans to give our walls a total makeover in the form of painting. Our walls currently sport a slightly off-white, duller than dull flat paint. If anything touches the walls, it leaves a mark. Over the years, I've used Magic Erasers to wash off the marks and such, but after a while, those bundles of spongy magic-ness teetered on being useless. As of now, our walls look like total crap.

The Big Painting Project was supposed to happen that April. However, Lisa wasn't able to get the time off. We postponed it until October. That didn't happen either.

In December, when we held our Spreading Holiday Love and Cheer Party, the first thing I noticed was the walls. Our home was spotless. Festive. But, shortly before the guests arrived, I was scrambling around trying to find stuff to hide our crappy walls.

Yes, that included leaving dishes in the dish drainer because the wall behind it is ugly.

In January, after the Holidays, painting the walls in a good quality, washable paint became a priority. Lisa and I sat down and seriously discussed tackling this project. It needed to get done. The walls are officially driving me crazy.

We picked a week. In May. Between the renovations happening upstairs (we live in a 2 family home), and wanting to help out with those, and a few fundraising projects, May was the prime month.

I'm glad we chose the month of May because April, so far, is proving to be a colder-than-usual month and Mother Nature doesn't want to relinquish the winter weather. At least in May, the weather will be warmer and it won't get so cold when we open the windows and put box fans in to ventilate.

Lisa put in for a week's vacation the second week of May. Her vacation request was approved.

In the next week or so, we're going to pick out the colors.

I'm excited, but a little overwhelmed.

Lisa isn't a big fan of painting. I am.

The family home I grew up in was a 3 family home that my parents owned. We lived on the bottom floor. There were 2 apartments upstairs. When tenants moved out, I always volunteered to paint. And, since then, I've painted a lot of apartments.

As DIY Dog Mom Project enthusiasts, we are well aware that painting walls are one of the most inexpensive ways to renovate and freshen up any home.

Our home is great. We love it. But, the walls...UGH!

During the process, we may switch a few pieces of furniture and decor pieces around, but the main event will be the makeover compliments of paint.

I'll be taking before and after photos.

Stay tuned...

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