Monday, March 12, 2018

We Are Keeping Our Fingers And Paws Crossed

I was hoping that at some point this morning and afternoon, the updated weather reports would state that the massive Nor'Easter that's going to hit us tomorrow shifted east. Far. Far. East. Out to sea. But, no such luck. It was quite the opposite. The storm kept shifting west. Not in our favor. The predicted snow totals increased. I spotted the word Bombogenesis. And, shortly after Lisa called during her lunch break, she informed me that her place of employment was going to be closed tomorrow. That never happens early on like that. I knew it was imperative that I prepared for the worst.

I started the process at 10 a.m. I cooked enough meals and treats for the kids to last for a few days. I baked homemade honey wheat rolls for sandwiches. A fresh berry coffee cake. Peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I whipped up a batch of egg and chicken salad. I tackled all of the housework. I filled some water bottles to put in the freezer.

When Lisa arrived home from work shortly after 5 p.m., she finished the laundry and filled our recycle bin up with water for pail flushing.

We didn't eat dinner until almost 7. At that point, everything we could do to prepare was done.

We hope for the best, but we're prepared for the worst. 

My biggest relief is that Lisa doesn't have to be on the roads tomorrow. She'll be home with us. Safe and sound.

There is nothing else we can do to prepare for this storm. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we don't lose power.

For all of those who will be impacted by this nasty Nor'Easter, stay warm. Stay safe. Hopefully, this is the last of Mother Nature's winter wrath.

Because seriously, three Nor'Easters in less than two weeks is ridiculous.

But then again, we live in New England.

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