Saturday, March 3, 2018

These Chicken And Carrot Cupcakes With Mashed Potato Frosting Were A Hit

Yesterday, I posted a photo of the ground chicken and carrot cupcakes I made for Willa's 1 Year Gotcha Day. Since then, I've had quite a few people reach out for the recipe. Unfortunately, when I was making these cupcakes, we were in the middle of a brutal storm. It was a combination Nor'Easter and Bombogenesis. The winds were fierce. Our lights flickered. I wanted to get the cupcakes made as soon as possible just in case we lost power. I didn't want to slow things down with taking photos of each step.

There is no need to fret.

The cupcake portion of these scrumptious gems is the same mixture I use to make our Homemade Chicken And Carrot Meatball Dog Treats. The recipe for that is here. Instead of rolling them into meatballs, I pressed the mixture into muffin tins. The bake time is the same.

The "frosting" for these cupcakes are homemade mashed potatoes.

Please do not use instant potatoes.

To make the "frosting," peel, cut and boil 4 medium potatoes until soft. When the potatoes are done, drain and mash.

To get a nice whipped consistency, you'll need to add some type of liquid. I used milk. None of our kids have a dairy sensitivity. You could also use plain Greek Yogurt or water.

Use an electric mixer to whip the potatoes. Add your choice of liquid one tablespoon at a time. You'll want a consistency similar to whipped frosting.

When the potatoes are cooled, scoop them into a quart sized Ziploc bag. Make sure all of the air is out before sealing.

Snip the corner of the bag and pipe onto the cupcakes.

For a garnish, I sprinkled on a tiny bit of basil.

Our kids were head over paws for these "cupcakes." We shared a couple with our fur-nephew who had one for breakfast this morning. He gave "paws up" too.

Enjoy and Happy Baking!

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