Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I Pick Up Toys And Vacuum Every Single Day, But...

There is a standing joke between Lisa and me. During the week, towards the early evening hours, Lisa will look at one of the kids and say, "Mommy said she vacuumed today. Did she?" She'll pause for about 15 seconds. Then, she says, "She did!? Then we have some messy babies on our hands..." There is a reason behind this lighthearted attribute.

Each day, I pick up the dozens of chew bones, fetch toys, and other play toys off the floors. I distribute the toys in the 4 personalized DIY Doggy Toy Boxes we have in the living room and home office. When that's done, I vacuum all the carpets.

I usually tackle this chore by noon.

By the time Lisa gets home, the kids have taken at least half of the toys out of their toy boxes and scattered them throughout the house with most residing on the living room carpet.

And, there is visible fur on the carpets.

This happens daily especially since Willa joined our family.

At first, Lisa thought our old vacuum cleaner wasn't working properly. She cleaned the hose and filter.

Nothing changed.

In January, we purchased a new, updated vacuum and carpet cleaner. Both work phenomenally well, but still, by the time Lisa gets home from work, there is visible fur on the carpets.

Right around this time, Lisa took over the chore of vacuuming on the weekends to give me a break. Like me, she fell in love with the new vacuum.

On one particular Saturday, she vacuumed during the morning hours.

The carpets looked pristine. No fur. No scattered toys.

By the early afternoon, there was visible fur on the carpets. Most of the toys were scattered on the living room and kitchen floors.

Lisa tripped over several fetch toys and chew bones in the kitchen.

By dinnertime, the efforts of her vacuuming were barely visible.

She stood in the doorway of the living room and made a comment.

"It doesn't even look like I vacuumed. Our babies are messy!"

I giggled.

"Welcome to my world."

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