Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Chilled Bottle Of Wine Is Better Than An Ice Pack

A couple of days ago I mentioned that we were making some changes to the home office. Back in July of 2015, we converted the home office into a combination home office and second living room. Part of that process was adding a rocking love seat that we inherited after our Grammy passed away. We did most of the work the day before Lisa and Char headed to Massachusets with the pickup truck.

Since then, we've used the rocking loveseat on occasion. The kids loved laying on the loveseat, but after we made several DIY Dog Beds, a dog nappy nook, and especially after making the indoor dog house, the kids lost interest. Little by little, the loveseat transpired into a piece of unused furniture.

And, Willa had to add her own personal touches to the loveseat.

Last week, we made the decision. The loveseat needed to go. The home office was too crowded. The indoor dog house did not look in front of my desk. The room was too congested. I didn't like the antique Singer Sewing Machine in front of the window. The entire setup was driving me nuts.

Lisa made arrangments with our neighborhood friend Bob. He has a pickup truck. Would he be able to assist with taking the love seat to the dump?


Although relieved the loveseat had a way to from point A to point B, we were not looking forward to hauling the piece of furniture into the truck. It's heavy. Very. Very. Heavy. We had a difficult time getting it in the home office back in 2015.

We got up early this morning. Gulped down a cup of coffee. Lisa ate breakfast. That's when the proverbial light bulb went off in my head.

"Why don't we take the loveseat apart?"

" in how?"

Lisa apparently didn't have enough caffeine in her system to comprehend my suggestion.

"Remember when we bought the new sofa and Bob helped us bring our old one to the dump? You were dreading having to haul the old sofa into the truck. It was a lot heavier than the loveseat. While you were at work that day, I took the sofa apart?"

Lisa snickered.

"Oh yeah. I remember. You got injured."

I giggled.

"Ha! I see it's all coming back to you now..."


"What I wanted you to remember is that our old reclining sofa came apart. I'm fairly certain the loveseat will too." 

Well, it did. Less than an hour later, we had the loveseat taken apart. Four pieces. It wasn't an easy task. A lot of the screws were rusted and didn't want to budge.

The work was worth it. It was a cinch for us to bring them to the porch and for Lisa to load them into the truck.

Lisa accompanied Bob to the dump. She made a pitstop at home before heading to work to complete an assignment that hadn't gone through the first time she sent it.

Before leaving, she gave me the usual instructions when heavy duty stuff, like moving furniture, needs to be done.

"Wait until I get home. Do not try and move it yourself." 


"I mean it."


She knew. I knew.

I was going to try and do what she instructed me not to do.

And, I did.

I was doing incredibly well until I forgot how top heavy the antique Singer Sewing Machine table is.

When moving it from the home office to the living room, Willa ran under my feet. I lost my footing. Fell forward. My forehead crashed onto the edge of the Singer Sewing Machine table.

I sent Lisa a text letting her know I was down for a bit to ice the egg on my forehead.

She arrived home with a chilled bottle of wine to replace my ice pack.

Ahhhhh. Sweet relief.

Lisa moved the last 2 pieces of furniture an hour later. I sat at my desk sipping wine and working on a blog column.

I adore the balance between us.

It works.

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