Friday, January 12, 2018

It Was A Peculiar Day, But We Managed

On the weekends, Lisa and I enjoy coffee chat time. It's the only 2 days during Lisa's regular work week when we're able to enjoy our morning coffee together. Lobo and Willa are with us. Coco and Sophie sleep in and usually stay on our bed. During this time, I'll play fetch with Willa from the sofa. Lisa holds Lobo and he curls up in her arms and falls back to sleep. We sip our coffee. Chat. It's become a tradition.

Today, for the first time, Lisa worked a split shift. She went in for noon and got out around 8 p.m. We decided to mimic a weekend morning. However, the kids knew something was different. When Lisa and I woke up, they all got up. We still enjoyed our coffee chat time, but it was a little rambunctious. Coco sat on my lap while I played fetch with Willa. Sophie laid across my feet. Lisa held Lobo.

After the kids had their breakfast, Lisa grabbed a Greek yogurt. The kids love yogurt. They all abandoned me and gathered around Lisa.

Yes, she shares.

It's times like this when I sort of just sit back, after taking a photo or two, and marvel at the scene before me. Our 4 kids. Almost all sitting. Waiting for a tiny spoonful of Greek yogurt.

Sure, it sucked that Lisa worked a split shift. When it got dark, the kids were out of sorts. In their tiny little brains, their thought process was, "It's dark. Our other Mommy should be home. She's not. What's going on?" I gave the kids extra snacks, fed them dinner, and we all enjoyed play and snuggle time.

We had a friend over for dinner. They arrived before Lisa got home. The kids were excited to see their Auntie K.

It was a peculiar day. The first for us with Lisa working a split shift. However, it got off to a great start. We managed.

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