Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Am Truly Grateful For Our Neighbors Who Have Become Family To Us

You know the local meteorologists are bowing their heads in shame when they admit, "Today's forecast was a total bust." Weather is not an exact science. The path of any storm can shift at the last minute. It happens. We've all experienced a winter storm that was supposed to pound us with a foot or two of snow and at the end of the day, the totals were well below six inches. And, vice versa. That was the case today.

We were only supposed to get a dusting to an inch of snow. Much to my surprise, at 3:30 this morning, we had several inches. By 8:30 a.m. we had about six inches of wet, heavy snow and schools were canceled.

It was still snowing.

I knew what that entailed. After Lisa got home from work, she'd have to rev up the snow blower and take care of the snow removal. Lisa does the seasonal yard work and snow removal here. She doesn't mind. In fact, she enjoys doing it.

Today, I knew she wouldn't be getting home until about 4-ish.

This amount of snow was unexpected.

I was half tempted to drop what I was doing later in the afternoon and do it myself.


Right around 10:00 a.m. I was sitting at my desk in the home office. I heard the sound of a snowblower really close to the house.

The kids started barking.

I got up to investigate.

Our neighbor friend, Bob, who we nicknamed "our neighborhood husband" years ago, was snow blowing our driveway.

Before heading back home, across the street, he made a big, round track in the backyard with the snow blower for our kids.

It's moments like this when I take a step back and remind myself how lucky we are to live in our neighborhood.

The neighbors we've become close to are family to us.

In times of need, they've been there.

During freak winter storms, like today, they take an extra half hour to clear your driveway and an area for the kids in the backyard.

And, when you call to thank them, the reply is a simple, "No problem at all. I knew you had to work today. I had some extra time."

Thank you, Bob.

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