Friday, January 19, 2018

Family Snuggle Time Really Happens. Every. Single. Night. It's A Tradition.

If you read this blog, you'll probably be familiar with the term "family snuggle time." I mention this a lot. It happens every evening in our home. It's how we end each and every single day. Weekdays. Weekends. There are no exceptions. That includes dinner dates with my soul sista that transpire into lengthy "girly wine and chat sessions." Or, a few times when Lisa has occasionally made the trip to NH to visit family and stayed overnight. In these cases, we still have family snuggle time, but it's a bit altered.

Regardless, it still happens every single night.

Family snuggle time is important to us. Very. Very. Important. Yes, as a Work at Home Dog Mom, I'm home with the kids 24/7. During the morning and afternoon, we have a copious amount of play time, snuggle time, and everything between.


The kids are well aware that I'm not the only Mommy.

Their other Mommy, Lisa, works outside of the home. They love her as much as they love me. When she arrives home from work, they're all at the door barking, wagging their tails, and beyond excited to see her.

Lisa and I always joke that this is the time of the day when all hell breaks loose in our home. The kids go nuts. They all want her attention. This is why Lisa always sits down on the sofa so they can pigpile on her. Slather her face with juicy kisses.

While they love play time and snuggle time with me throughout the morning and afternoon, they love it better when both of their Moms are home and participating.

Our family snuggle time is way for all of us to be together.


As a family.

It became a tradition years ago.

And, it will continue to be a tradition.

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