Saturday, December 23, 2017

There Probably Won't Be Christmas Photos Of Our Kids This Year

I attempted to get Christmas photos of our kids this morning. And yesterday. And the day before. They apparently have all teamed up to protest against my annual Christmas photos. They look away. Give me THE LOOK. After about an hour, I throw my hands up. It's not going to happen. That's okay. You want to know why it's okay?

There are two reasons why...

The first, Coco and Sophie are not photogenic. They don't like wearing apparel. I've tried to bribe them with freshly baked dog treats, roasted chicken, Land O' Lakes Cheese, etc. Nope. Not happening.

Lobo is photogenic, but he has his limits. It's been a busy week and he hasn't rested much. When he's overtired or his single hind leg is bothering him, Lobo isn't his usual photogenic self.

Willa, well, she's Willa. Jack Russell. Hyper. It's her first real Christmas. She's excited. She has no idea what's going on. She knows there are special treats in the 7 Christmas stockings that the home office doorway is lined with.

I'd love to be right up there with the incredible furry kid Christmas photos I've been seeing on my social media streams. But. I know that's not a reality for me.

Not this year.

I've tried and tried and tried.

A lot of that is my fault.

I don't spend enough time behind the lens taking photos of our kids.

I own it. 

That's one of the many changes I've striving towards in 2018.


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