Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Christmas Season Went By Much Too Fast

The past 24 hours have been a complete whirlwind. Today we hosted our Christmas Eve Feast. Aside from Lisa and myself, we had 5 other dear friends join us. We spent most of yesterday prepping for today. Due to December being the busiest month out of the year, my chronic back pain is through the roof. However, between Lisa taking a week's vacation the week after my birthday, and her workload being lighter this past week, she's helped me out tremendously. It has made a world of difference.

Tonight went exceptionally well. It went by too fast. But, isn't that the case with anything related to the Christmas season? You put hours and hours into everything and then, WHAM! The guests are leaving. It's over and done with. And you're standing there thinking, "Okay. This should have lasted longer. What happened? What did I miss?"

I had that moment several times today and throughout the evening. 

I was reminded of our wedding day back in July of 2012.

Lisa got down on bended knee in January of 2012. She proposed. I said yes. Originally, we planned on a June wedding, but because of the location of our wedding and horsefly season, we moved it to the end of July.

We started planning our wedding a week after Lisa proposed. Location. Food. Our guest list. The theme. Invitations. Going over the wedding ceremondy. Our vows. Everything.

Our hustle and bustle was non-stop until the guests started arriving on our wedding day.

And even then, we were running around ragged.

But, once the guests arrived, Lisa and I were like, "Yep. It's our wedding day. It's happening. This is what we've been planning for months now. This is why all these people are here."

It was surreal.

The same thing happened sporadically this year during the month of December. Lots of planning. Prepping. Our Bodacious Holiday Ornaments. The DIY Doggy Gates. Our Spreading Love and Holiday Cheer party. Christmas gifts. Wrapping. Bagging. Baking. Putting together our Christmas baskets. Sending out Holiday Love and Cheer and pet parent care packages. Christmas baking. Cookie boxes and bags. Our Christmas Eve feast. On top of that work stuff. Deadlines. Wrapping up a 6-week project for a client.

Then, today, I had that same moment I did at our wedding. It's happening. This is what we've been planning. Guests are arriving. There's food in the oven.

It went by too quick. 

After all the hustle and bustle and sitting down to eat, guests were leaving.

That was it.


Over with.

Before I tucked Lisa and the kids in tonight, we had a chat.

Our exhale moment.

We agreed that there had been a lot of surprises this Christmas season. Most were good surprises. Some were not so good.

Both ends of the stick started with mostly, "I can't believe..."

However, the conversation ended with us agreeing that the Universe answered all of my questions last month and this month.

There is clarity.

I know what we will and will not do in 2018.

I know what will continue and what won't continue in 2018.

I'm proud of the boundaries we put forth this year, but I know there will be more in 2018.

A few months ago, I asked a lot of questions.

In that time, and through today, they've all been answered.

I raise my glass to a wonderful and fulfilling Christmas season.

Both obvious and not-so obvious.

*raises glass*

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