Saturday, December 16, 2017

I've Been Doing A Lot Of Thinking About Upcoming DIY Dog Mom Projects

It's official. All of our Bodacious Holiday Biscuits have been picked up and shipped. The bags that still remain on our biscuit table are ones that our neighbor friends and Lisa's coworkers have requested, for Bodacious Care Packages and gifts. I have spent most of today working on the DIY Doggy Gates. I have put aside all of tomorrow to do the same thing. My goal is to have them finished by no later than Tuesday.

While working on the DIY Doggy Gates, I've been doing a lot of thinking about upcoming DIY Dog Mom Projects in 2018 and beyond. I'm excited when I think about it. Last week, Lisa was on vacation and she spent some time downstairs organizing her woodshop. There's still stuff that needs to be done like leveling and painting the table. She's also going to put up peg boards to organize the smaller tools. In the near future, she'll probably put up a few shelves. But, for now, her woodshop area is set up to cut, sand, and build. And, she's got the power tools, large and small, to do it.

A year ago, that wasn't the case. We were extremely limited in what we could make. Most of the stuff we offered were wooden signs and doggy toy boxes. If items needed to be sanded, it would all be done by hand. Now, the sky is the limit. Yesterday, Lisa cut out 2 large wooden dog bones for the DIY Doggy Gates. I couldn't tell who was more excited about this.

Lisa did an incredible job cutting out both pieces. 

The upcoming DIY Dog Mom Projects for 2018 and beyond will also extend to more fabric items. So far, I've made patchwork doggy quilts and bone shaped pillows. I want to take a break from those and start making other items like doggy themed tote bags, aprons, and whatever else inspires me. I've already decided that for Christmas 2018, I'm going to offer doggy themed Christmas stockings.

Did I already mention how excited I am about all of this?

Lots of great stuff will be happening in 2018. I have my list of ideas and a very lengthy list of changes and updates that I need to do on this blog site and my social media streams. One of the changes will be adding more DIY Dog Mom Projects and revving up my homemade dog treat creations.

But, for now, the week before Christmas is here. My goal is to get the DIY Doggy Gates finished, Christmas cookie baking done, presents wrapped and bagged, and to simply enjoy the remainder of the Christmas season.

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