Friday, October 20, 2017

The Kids Abandon Me On The Sofa Because Lisa Walks In With Apple Cider Donuts

I absolutely love our weekends. We sleep in a bit until 7:30 - 8:00. When Lisa gets up, Coco and Sophie are still sleeping so they stay in our bed. Lobo gets up. Willa is already up. Lisa brews coffee. Lisa and I able to sit in the living room and have our weekend chats over coffee. Lobo sits on her lap. I play fetch with Willa because she needs to play at least 63 games of fetch before 10 a.m.

However, sometimes...

Coco and Sophie decide they don't want to sleep in. They get up when Lisa gets up. Like this morning. Lisa sits on the rocking chair with Lobo. I play fetch with Willa. She brings her favorite fetch toys to me so that makes it easy.


Coco is on my lap demanding his daily morning rubdown (aka massage).

Sophie is mashed up against Coco because she's waiting for her turn.

All of the kids are barking at every sound including squirrel farts and our fur-nephew barking.

They want a pre-breakfast snack while Lisa is preparing their breakfast.

After breakfast, they scour the living room and home office and dig out their favorite chew bones out of the toy boxes.


Lisa walks in with apple cider donuts.

All activity ceases.

Coco jumps off my lap.

Sophie abandons me.

Willa has no interest in playing fetch any longer.

Need I say more?

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