Saturday, October 7, 2017

Reclaimed Wood Excites Me. I Don't Need Designer Purses Or Shoes.

This past week, our neighbor friend had her entire roof stripped and redone. Part of that included having a large dumpster bin in her driveway for the scrap roofing, wood, etc. The roofers have done their work, minus a couple of days when the weather didn't cooperate. While the dumpster was at our neighbor friend's house, a lot of people dumped additional scrap wood. The day before the dumpster people picked up the dumpster, we were invited to grab some scrap wood.

And, we did.

We didn't get much that was salvageable, but what we did get was some wood picket fencing. We've been wanting to build a DIY doggy gate for the front of our porch for a long time. Originally, we were going to use trellis style wood. But, after discovering the picket style wood, we were like, "hmmmmm...."

This can work and it'll be more durable. 

We are super excited about this reclaimed wood. We've got the paint. We've got some lumber to make the frame. We have a large wood bone to paint and put on the front compliments of Mr. Ice.

As quoted on my personal Facebook wall...

"You know you're a total wood whore when your neighbor friend lets you rummage through scrap wood and you already have visions for each piece. Yep.I don't need designer purses or manicures and pedicures to get me excited. Just. Give. Me. Wood. I'm that kind of gal."

True story...

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