Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Bodacious Halloween Bundles Are Done!

Over the weekend, I made 3 more wooden doggy themed pumpkins to include in a few Bodacious Halloween Bundles. I wanted to offer something festive that included some of our homemade peanut butter dog treats. The bundle includes a handcrafted pumpkin, a bag of our biscuits, and a bag of large peanut butter dog treat pumpkins drizzled with my mixture of white chips and peanut butter. And, of course, I added some festive sprinkles.

So far, I've sold one bundle. I'm hoping to sell the other two this week or as it gets closer to Halloween. Sometimes, when seasonal biscuits are offered, people like to grab them closer to the actual holiday.

In case you're wondering, the biscuits are made fresh twice a week. The biscuits shown in the photo don't sit for weeks until someone grabs a bundle. Yes, I need to mention this because people have asked. 

These bundles will be the last of the Halloween offerings. It feels weird to say that because it's not even October yet. However, I've got more DIY Dog Mom projects to make...some of which I've already started. In addition, towards the middle of October, it'll be time to start thinking about Christmas projects.

Yikes! Did I really say that?

The next 2 1/2 months are going to be super busy. Beyond busy.

But, we're ready...

I think...

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