Saturday, August 5, 2017

Nothing Good Ever Comes Out Of Trying To Satisfy The Masses

Since the launch of Bodacious Biscuit Love in October of 2013, I've been careful about what I say and how I present things. I've edited my tongue more times than I care to admit. I've failed to speak up when people have stiffed us, didn't follow through, or have looked down on us for one reason or another. I didn't share things that were sensitive because I didn't want to offend anyone. I've stood there, nodded, and smiled when arrogant pup parents, the ones who think they're experts, have bragged about how well trained their furry kids are.

Oh, there's more...

We've bent over backward and gone the extra mile without so much as a thank you. We've been the brunt of jokes and snarky comments. We've had many people speak ill of us behind our backs. We've had quite a few people take advantage of us because we are an easy target. We've spent thousands of dollars out of our own pockets because the few bucks we make per week doesn't even begin to cover what we do.

And more...

We've charged minimal for shipping and not one person has thanked us for throwing in a few bucks to keep their shipping costs down. We've shipped countless boxes of complimentary biscuit love without hearing from the recipient. We've been snubbed at events. We've been treated like "besties" when people need free biscuits or raffle baskets for events, but once the goods are in their hands, we don't hear from them until they need raffle prizes or biscuits to hand out at an event. We've waited for up to a month for people to send a check for biscuits they ordered and we had already shipped.

There's more, but you get the gist of it. 

I kept my mouth shut. I didn't speak up about every little mishap. I didn't want to tarnish Bodacious Biscuit Love or give people a reason to gossip in the negative about us. We had experienced that several times already when we did put our food down and speak up about something.

For the most part, over the past almost-4-years, we've just done our thing, made changes along the way, and continue to provide biscuit love and care packages for pet parents in need.

I thought I was doing okay. Had a grip on it. Had everything under control. Had the fine art of letting things go and dealing with the ever expanding growing pains mastered.

Truth was, I didn't. 

During this time period, I lost bits and pieces of myself. I lost my voice. I lost my character. Instead of saying what I needed and wanted to say, I held it in. Having to hold everything in caused a lot of undue stress. It's exhausting. Frustrating. It causes me to lose focus and motivation.

I no longer enjoyed writing blog columns because I had to be hyper aware of what I published. On a lot of occasions, I would compose blog columns in my head. In the raw. But then, my motivation fizzled out when it came time to type because I knew I'd have to tone it down a bit. Leave stuff out. Edit heavily. This was the case for the Bodacious Biscuit Love blog site. Sadly, it spread to this blog site too.

A lot of people who read the Bodacious Biscuit Love blog site read this one too. 

It wasn't just the blog sites. Last year we started selling some of our DIY Dog Mom Projects. We've sold quite a bit, but once again, the bullshit started.

Yep, there's that word again. Bullshit. 

A few people who ordered or claimed some of the DIY Dog Mom Projects haven't paid us yet. These items have already been shipped. Weeks and months ago. At this point, there's a slim chance they'll pay us.

People have already complained about the shipping costs. Yes, I'll admit, having to pay for shipping sucks. I've been working online for over a decade and I know firsthand that shipping can make or break a deal. Years ago, retailers offered free and discounted shipping all the time. Now, not so much. The cost of shipping all across the boards has skyrocketed. This is why I very seldom shop online anymore. I now opt for free store pickup.

Purchasing a handcrafted leash holder for $20 is a great find, but the $7-$10 shipping sinks that excitement real quick. However, if you want something shipped, you need to pay for shipping. It's unfair to expect us to pay for part of that.


Everything came to a head the week before, the day of, and the days following our backyard anniversary party. What happened during that time period symbolized what's been going on for the past almost-4-years with Bodacious Biscuit Love.

That's a whole other blog post. 

What it boils down to now is I'm sick and tired of things going the way they have been. I've let it get to this point. I own it. I should know by now that nothing good ever comes out of trying to satisfy the masses.

At some point, I have to put my foot down and say, "Enough is enough." That point is now. Right now. I'm there. I've been "there" for a long time, but I haven't had the Bodacious Balls to publish anything about it.

I'm making some changes. Again. Evolution is a continuous thing.

If you don't like what I write, what I have to say, how I present it, what we do or don't do, and anything between, fine.

If you choose not to purchase our homemade dog treats or a DIY Dog Mom Project because you don't like this or that or the contents of this blog site, that's fine too.

The people who know me and have stuck around have no problem with my voice and my written words that reflect that. They respect my work. They don't complain about petty crap like shipping costs. They've followed through. They realize that any type of relationship is a two-way street. They've never taken advantage of us. Etc.

The people who genuinely support us continue to do so and we are beyond grateful for that. We're barely making any money with Bodacious Biscuit Love.  We've published our recipe. We're down to one display. Yet, we still continue to bake biscuits every week. Help pet parents in need.

That says a lot.

As mentioned, there will be changes in the weeks and months ahead. I'm not going write blog columns explaining each and every change as I've done in the past. Some of these changes will be noticeable. Others, not so much.

But, either way, they're happening.

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