Monday, July 17, 2017

This Will Be Our Last Yard Sale. This Time We Really Mean It.

After our Fall Bodacious Yard and Bake Sale in October of 2015, I swore we'd never have another yard sale again. Ever. Lisa was fully on board with that decision. There's too much planning involved. It's a lot of work. The week prior to the yard sale, the kids would be stressed out because each room had piles of boxes and yard sale items. The day of the yard sale was too much for the kids. Their anxiety was in full swing and it didn't help that they had to be confined to the bedroom and home office.

Back then, we had 3 pup kids. This year, we have 4. 

Over the past few months, Lisa has been going through items in the basement. She's trying to clear most stuff out so she can go forth with bringing her wood shop to life. The problem Lisa encountered is that we have a lot of stuff left over from the last yard sale. In addition, we have a few totes filled with items we've stashed away because there is no room for them up here.

There are enough items for a decent sized yard sale. Not too big. Not too small. We will not be offering our homemade biscuits and there will not be a bake sale table. We're not even going to set up a canopy.

The totes and boxes of yard sale stuff will fit in the biscuit room. Lisa will have help bringing everything upstairs Friday evening and assistance setting up early Saturday morning.

That translates to minimal stress on the kids and Lisa's muscles.

We decided to go for it. The weather looks decent on Saturday. Granted, this is New England and that could change, but we're going to hope for the best.

When the yard sale is over, we'll be donating the remaining items except for a tote full of collectibles.

And, this will officially be our last yard sale. Ever.

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