Sunday, June 18, 2017

When It's Too Quiet, I Get Concerned...

I baked biscuit love today. Lots of it. We had a couple of pet parents in need and our local display needed to be filled. I wanted to bake Friday or Saturday, but we had plans on having a small Yard Sale this Saturday. I wanted to sell biscuit love during the yard sale so I moved the baking to either today or tomorrow. Today was the day.

While rolling and cutting biscuit dough, I realized it was too quiet. Much. Too. Quiet.

I turned around and discovered...

Lobo was sound asleep on the doggy bed in the kitchen.

Coco and Sophie were sound asleep on our bed.

Willa? Well, she was on the kitchen table.

Curled up.

When she heard me taking out the camera, she looked at me.

I snapped a photo.

Five minutes later, she was sound asleep.

Still on the table.

Curled up on the table runner.


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