Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hail In My Hands And Raindrops In My Mason Jar Of Wine

Today was simply one of those days. Towards late morning, early afternoon, the kids were active a bit off. Aside from that, the day was productive. Well planned. Exhausting. A bit emotional. A few unexpected moments. There was a dose of great news. All in all, it resembled a lengthy roller coaster ride. Ups. Downs. Twists. Turns. And, towards late afternoon, Mother Nature decided to join in.

Why not, right?

Up until about 3, the sun had been shining. There was no indications of bad weather coming. My wonderful, animated, and creative tutoring student showed up. We were sitting at the table. Lisa was cutting up a watermelon. Within 5 minutes after her arrival, we heard a faint weird noise coming from outside. Lisa

Lisa opened the blind in the kitchen. It was dark and there was a hailstorm happening. All of us rushed outside. It was cool, bizarre, and a bit scary. I checked our weather radar. The entire state of Connecticut was clear except a tiny storm morsel over our area.

It didn't last long. Neither did the tutoring session. The sun had peeked through. Then, not too long after, another unexpected, and slightly bizarre, weather thing happened. Hard rain. Lightening. Distant rumbles of thunder. 

I poured a glass of wine, after giving the kids their snacks, and made my way to the front porch. I put my mason jar of wine on the porch railing.

Raindrops fell in my wine and splashed on my face. The lightening and thunder didn't concern me. Lisa kept opening the front door.

"Sweets, you should get inside. The storm is getting closer."

I didn't budge.

It's been one of those weeks. 

But, now, I feel balanced. 

In check.

Inhale. Exhale.

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