Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And, Again, The Journey Is Just As Important As The Destination

Tomorrow is June 1st. I can't even believe I'm saying that. June 1st. It almost seems surreal. How can we possibly be 1/2 way through 2017 already? My brain is still stuck in February and March. My array of Post-It Notes tells me I'm more far behind than what I had originally thought. What's keeping me from going batshit crazy at this point? It's simple. I reread a blog column I published last December reminding myself to focus on the journey as much as I focus on the destination.

I read that blog column a lot.

Life is always evolving. Each day is never the same as the last. Big changes. Little changes. A shift in focus. New ideas. Stuff that comes up. Making tweaks after many trials and tribulations. Growing pains. Etc.

In December, we had no plans on participating in an event the following Spring.

I had no idea my work load would increase.

We only had 3 kids.

Will didn't join our family until March 2nd of this year.

And, when Willa joining our family, we had to fork out for extra expenses like her annual check up, vaccinations, tests, and getting her spayed.

Her spay surgery will be happening early next month.

In the here and now, I feel guilty.

The guilt stems from not reaching goals, both personal and not personal, over the past 6 months.

What's keeping me from falling over the edge is my commitment to focusing on the journey from point A to point B.

The evolution of life over the past 6 months.

With that taken into consideration, we've accomplished a considerable amount. More than what we had expected waiting for us at the finish line.

And, when stuff came up, we were prepared.


Welcoming the changes with opened arms.

So, at this point, do I focus on what we haven't accomplished based on the goals set 6 months ago? Or do I focus on what we have accomplished, based on our evolving life as Dog Moms, over the past 6 months?

I choose both.

There's much to be learned from the goals set 6 months ago. There's also a lot that we've learned over the past 6 months as our Dog Mom life has evolved.

Those are 2 forces not to be reckoned with.

You live. Learn. Fall. Pick yourself up and brush yourself off. Endure growing pains. Learn from mistakes. Adapt. Make changes. Inhale. Exhale. Bite off a little more than you can chew. Observe. Stay humble. Celebrate. Bask in the moments of disappointment for a short while. Get back on your feet. Face forward. Onward march.

That's life.

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