Friday, June 30, 2017

A Little Friday Gratitude...

Today, I am grateful for neighbor friends who have become family. A teenager who has taught me a thing or two. Blue fingernail polish with glitter. Because, at 43, I have NO shame in admitting I've learned quite a bit from the younger and older souls in my life. Wine. Scrumptious food. Mini tropical cupcakes. Pizza. A week of hard work completed amid frustrations and chaos. A tote of wood for DIY Dog Mom Projects. Challenges. Obstacles. Cool projects for next week because the weather will FINALLY be in our favor.

Life. Is.Good. It really is.

Right now, I challenge you. It's Friday. The end of the work week for some of us. For the rest of us, like myself, it's probably not.

But, if you could, unplug for 5 minutes. Grab a glass or mug of your favorite beverage. Coffee. Tea. Wine. Beer. Whatever.

Think about the good stuff in your life. Think about something great that's happened in the past day or so. Something big. Something small. Something that may be deemed as irrelevant by most, but not by you.

Inhale slowly.

Exhale even slower.


Recite those tidbits of gratitude.

Out loud.

Don't worry about someone hearing you or catching you in the act of "talking to yourself."

Just do it.

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