Tuesday, May 30, 2017

They're Emotionally Attached. They're Connected.

Lisa returned to work this morning after being home for 5 days. The kids miss her. I miss her. It's not often she's home for that many days consecutively. The kids loved having her home with us. There was no shortage of extra outside, play, and snuggle time. This morning, when I got up, all of the kids got up with me thinking she was home. When they realized Lisa wasn't home, they moped.

Coco, who normally naps underneath the blankets on our bed, lounged at the end. Lobo spent about an hour laying on the kitchen carpet fixated on the back door. He probably thought Lisa was downstairs doing laundry and would open the door at any second. Sophie was restless and couldn't decide where she wanted to stretch out. Willa scurried around from room to room with a fetch toy in her mouth looking for Lisa.

I sat at the kitchen table. Alone. Watching all of this transpire. Sipping my morning coffee. Missing the early morning coffee chats I have with Lisa when she has a day off.

As a Dog Mom, I'm always amazed at how the kids respond to various stuff that goes on within our home. Whether it's missing Lisa after she has 5 days off or their confusion and sadness when Lisa occasionally spends the night in New Hampshire, they feel it.

They're hyper aware of everything. Every change. Every shift in schedule. When Lisa is late coming home. When Lisa goes to bed later than usual. When we sleep in.

Our kids know when one of us is sick. They respond to our excitement or those occasional times when we bicker.

They knew Lisa was sad when our Grammy Violette passed away a week ago. She's the incredible lady who celebrated her 100th birthday in April.

The list goes on.

They simply amaze me. And, although it tugs at my heartstrings to see them moping today because Lisa isn't home, it makes me happy knowing they're impacted by our daily happenings.

They get it.

They're aware.

They feel stuff too.

They're emotionally attached.

They're connected.

We're all connected.

And, that's a big portion of what makes us a family.

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