Saturday, April 29, 2017

We're Lovin' Our Saturday Morning Shenanigans

When we adopted Willa on March 2nd, she was in full heat. Because of that, we limited her free roam within the house most of the time. This also helped with her decompression period. The bond she formed with Coco, Sophie, and Lobo was instant so there was no worry on that end. When she stopped bleeding, we allowed more free roam. Then, the first week of this month when she was officially out of heat, and after her initial appointment with the doctor to get updated on vaccinations and a slew of tests done, the gates were lifted. Since then, for the past few weeks, our weekend mornings haven't been the same.

Prior to all of this, Lisa and I took advantage of early weekend mornings to sip coffee in the living room and chat. Lobo curled up on our lap. Coco and Sophie slept in. We'd have at least an hour to sip a cup of coffee or two, chat, get caught up, discuss the week prior and the week ahead, and plan out our day.

Not anymore...

For the past couple of weeks, all 4 of our kids have played together in the living room while we sipped our morning coffee.

It has been nothing short of entertaining.



There have been endless games of fetch. Coco, who never plays fetch, sees Willa playing fetch and wants to play too.

Coco and Willa will do their "zoomies" together.

Sophie pounces the floor to join in. They let her. She bounces around and participates in their shenanigans.

Lobo is all over the place and he manages to keep up.

Lisa and I join in when prompted.

Or we sit and watch. Our eyes wide opened. Lots of laughs.

Sure, it's noisy, and we don't get to chat, but that's okay.

The Saturday Morning Shenanigans appears to be the newest trend with our kids.

We've loving every minute of it.

After an hour or so, the kids tire out.

They find a comfortable place to nap.

That's when Lisa and I exhale.


Catch up.

And sneak in a couple hours of housework and other work stuff.

Before the next round of  our kid's shenanigans.

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