Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Chocolate Pastry And Coffee For Breakfast

Last night, our incredible neighbor friends, K and A, surprised Lisa and I with a couple of decadent treats from Sweet Peas. I saw the white bakery box on the table after waking up from a short nap. I immediately started drooling. Inside the box were 2 insanely scrumptious chocolate treats. Total. Chocolate. Bliss.

Lisa and I sat at the kitchen table. Fresh cups of coffee. Two forks. We ate straight from the box. It wasn't until we packaged up the leftovers that I remembered I hadn't taken a photo.

This morning, I finished the last few bites of chocolate decadence with my coffee. I justified my poor-breakfast-food-of-choice with the warning label on the bottle of antibiotics that said, "Take With Food."

I have no shame in admitting I licked the pastry papers clean. And, maybe the box too.

As a baker, and one who spreads sweet scrumptious love frequently, I appreciate random acts of kindness like this. It's not often that people deliver baked goods to our home.

More so, as a work at home Dog Mom, my gratitude runs deeper.

It gets lonely here. I don't have coworkers to chat with or office luncheons to attend. I don't get awards for perfect attendance or employee of the month. There are no surprise gifts or perks when a quota is met. I don't get bonuses. There's not a table loaded with fresh pastries and gourmet coffee to celebrate holidays and seasons. I have no company outings to attend or yearly banquets.

When someone is out and about and they think of me, it makes my day.

To those who have picked up extra pastries to share, left treats and treasures on the front porch or back door, or have stopped by to say hello and chat over coffee or wine, thank you.

I appreciate you.

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