Saturday, April 8, 2017

Aside From The Kitchen, Our Home Office Is The Heartbeat Of Our Home

When we first moved here, almost 5 years ago, the home office was set up where it's located now. In the front room. The largest of all 3 bedrooms. My large desk was close to the windows. Lisa's desk was on the other side of the office. The only other piece of furniture we had in the room was a gigantic book shelf that we filled with knickknacks and treasures.

A year later, we moved it to the back room. Less than a year after that, we moved it back to the front room. In July of 2015, when my Grammy passed away, and after inheriting her reclining love seat, we converted the home office into a combination second- living-room-home office.

Since last Fall, and in the past couple of weeks, we've made a few more changes. There's one corner I need to add something to, like a large, tree-like plant to match the other corner, but aside from that, it's complete.

It's comfy. I love the setup. It's a room I don't mind being in for extended periods of time. And, it's been a much loved area for the kids to lounge, nap, play, and keep me company.

Most of the time, at least one of the kids is sprawled out on the love seat or at my feet.

I love that.

If I'm in the home office when Lisa arrives home from work, she'll sit on the love seat. All of the kids make their way to the love seat within minutes. They climb on her lap, slather her with juicy kisses, and snuggle on or beside of her.

I love that too.

Sometimes, I'll work from the love seat, on my Chromebook. The kids will congregate beside of me or at my feet.

I love that. 

On occasion, Lisa and I will both sit on the love seat with all 4 kids on our laps.

I really, really love that. 

The home-office-second-living-room, over the years, has turned into a really great room where lots of wonderful things happen. Great ideas. Lots of lovin' from the kids. Blog posts. Work stuff. Chapters drafted for my book that I'm hoping to publish next year.

Lots of laughs. In-depth conversations. Perspective. Reflection. Tears. Memories made.

Vent sessions where Lisa and I have those between-us-only conversations.

Aside from the kitchen, it's the heartbeat of our home.

It's kind of cool how stuff like that just happens.

A room can transform into something quite amazing.

And, that can only happen over time.

Oh, if those walls could talk.

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