Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Huge Thank You To The Talented Valerie E...

Last Thursday, Lisa ventured down to the Ledyard area. We had some biscuit love for a very special pup at the Ledyard Pound. After a wonderful visit with the ACO, Lisa had another stop to make to deliver some spring human cookie love and pick up something we've been anxiously waiting for. Decals.

In September of 2015, we had just purchased a new vehicle. I wanted to put decals on the furthest back window. Something that represented us being Dog Moms. I searched high and low for decals, but came up empty handed. At the time, the talented Valerie was running her own business making decals. She offered to make our decals.

A week or so after our initial conversation, Lisa traveled down to Ledyard to deliver biscuit love and pick up our decals. It was love at first sight. She did a fantastic job.

Valerie was kind enough to apply them for us. 

The following year, we decided to have the other back window done on the other side. After running Bodacious Biscuit Love for 3 years, we wanted to have our logo on the other window.

Right around that time, Valerie announced that she was no longer going to have her business. I reached out asking if she could make the Bodacious Biscuit Love decals for us before she closed down shop. She said yes.

Life got busy for all of us and the decals were put on the back burner until a couple of months ago. Early last month, Valerie reached out and sent a few messages letting me know the decals would be ready the next day. I never received those messages.

Facebook had been doing updates at the time and I was never alerted that I had new messages via messenger. If I don't get alerts, I don't check messages.

A week ago Valerie reached out asking if I had forgotten about the decals. That's when I saw the messages she had sent last month.


I apologized several times and immediately set a date for us to pick up the decals the following week.

That's what Lisa did on Thursday after delivering biscuit love to the Ledyard Pound. Valerie was kind enough to apply the lettering. In addition to the lettering, she gave us a sheet of various sized dog bones. We weren't able to apply the dog bones until earlier today because of the weather.

Once again, we are impressed by her work. She got the colors just right and we like the font. Above all, we are exceptionally grateful that she made these for us after she had closed her business.

Thank you, Valerie!

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