Monday, April 24, 2017

Our Long Weekend Was A Bit Different. In A Good Way.

Lisa took a vacation day today which meant a long 3-day weekend together as a family for us. I always love having her home for a long weekend. The kids enjoy the extra day with her. However, sometimes, the weekends, especially long ones, can get pretty crazy around here. The kids don't know what day of the week it is. When Friday rolls along, they don't know that the following day is Saturday and it's an entirely different routine for the weekend.

In addition, we've been house and pet sitting for our neighbor friends for the past couple of weeks. We've got 1 more week to go.

Needless to say, Saturdays are the craziest. Lisa sleeps in until about 7:30 - 8:00. The kids get breakfast a bit later. They're excited that Lisa is home.

This time around, Lisa's long weekend was a bit different. In a good way. I'm not sure why things weren't nearly as crazy as most weekends, but we certainly noticed the change Saturday  morning.

Our kids aren't usually playful in the morning, but Saturday morning. Wow. After eating their breakfast, they were animated and playful.

Lisa and I sipped our morning coffee while playing fetch with Coco and Willa. Sophie pounced a bit when they ran by. Lobo sat on the DIY platform doggy bed and barked. Then, all of the kids played together. Lisa and I were completely entertained by their shenanigans.

After about an hour, they each found a comfortable spot and napped.

Lisa and I continued on with our day. It ended up being incredibly productive for the both of us. I caught up on work stuff. Wrote 2 lengthy blog columns. Made 3 super soft, plush dog crate beds. Finished a patchwork quilt for the DIY doggy platform bed we made last year. Made a mini patchwork quilt with applique for the old wooden rocker in our living room.

Lisa ran some errands. Purchased an air conditioner. Delivered biscuit love and restocked our display. Took Sophie to get her nails trimmed. Tackled the last of the housework. Took care of our pup and house sitting duties.

When it got close to dinnertime, I poured a little red. Whipped up a simple, scrumptious Italian dish. We kicked off our flip flops. Exhaled. Ate dinner. And, spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, with the kids, snuggling and watching Netflix.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day. Sunny. Warm. We had a hard time staying focused on inside work stuff. Instead, we alternated time spent outside and indoors.

While outside, we were astonished to see so many finches. On Friday, Lisa had surprised me with a just because gift. A Finch feeder and a bag of thistle seed. She hung it shortly after bringing it home.

Our lil' nuggets of birdie love are back!

And, for the first time since living here, we spotted a Purple Finch. This discovery was reason #51 as to why I wasn't getting any work done that afternoon.

I'd much rather be standing outside, on the front porch, in the sun, barefoot, with my camera. 

Today was another productive day, but the high level of productivity was more of a last minute decision.

The lawn needed to be mowed along with other miscellaneous yard work.  It's supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Possible thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday. The weekend wasn't looking great either.

While she was mowing the lawn, I wanted to Spring Clean the carpets and write a few blog columns. My plans were to spend a few hours doing just that and then joining Lisa outside to help with yard work.

On a side note, I've held off doing Spring Cleaning because Lisa has 5 days off towards the end of May during Memorial Day weekend. This is when we're going to tackle our BIG painting project that includes painting the bathroom, kitchen, living room and home office.

The big painting project was supposed to happen 2 weeks ago, but Lisa wasn't able to get the time off.

I at least wanted to get the carpets done and get a little ahead on blog columns because I need to spend the next few weeks making DIY Dog Mom Projects for the Annual Spring Festival and Craft Show we'll be participating in on May 20th.

As of now, I have nothing made.

After writing a few blog columns, and after spending 2 hours vacuuming, moving furniture, and steam cleaning the carpets, and on the verge of heading outdoors to help Lisa, THIS happened.


Sweet Willa ran under my feet. In my attempts to NOT step on her, I tripped, crashed into our 4 foot plant tree and wooden rocker, and face planted the floor. That ended my 4 day stretch of NO not-so-graceful-moments.

It took about 30 minutes to clean up the mess and that included re-potting the tree plant, picking up soil from the carpet, vacuuming, and using the carpet cleaner.

Job. Well. Done. 

I was finally able to join Lisa outside.

"What took you so long. I thought you'd be out here sooner."

"I would have been, but..."

She exhaled.

"Ah. Oh. What happened?"

"It's already posted on Facebook."

"Oh. One of those accidents, eh?"


When the last of the yard work was done, we called it a day.


Family snuggle time on the sofa and 2 episodes of Life Below Zero.

I need more long weekends like this.

Minus the sloppy tango with our plant tree and wooden rocker.

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