Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome Home, Wilhelmina

It's almost midnight. I have been sitting here on the sofa, working from my Chromebook, staring at the screen. There's a slightly unfamiliar bundle of 10 pound furry love curled up beside of me. I don't know where to begin. How do I even start this this post? How can I possibly make sense of what happened today? I can't. Not yet. I keep coming back to the blog column I published yesterday. I had a feeling the Universe was shifting. Fate was putting in her two cents. Change was inevitable.

I. Was. Right. 

I got up 2 hours early this morning. That translates to only getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I had a lot of stuff to do including baking biscuit love. By 9, I had the first batch in the oven. While the biscuits baked, I alternated between sitting at my desk getting work stuff done and designing the second Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilt for the week.

Within the hour, Lisa sent a text letting me know she was going to call.


Lisa called. I was sitting at my desk.

She informed me that one of her coworkers approached her asking if we knew of anyone that wanted a pup. A 10 pound Jack Russell. Year and a half old. Up to date on shots, but the pup was currently in her second heat.

The coworker and her fiance had broken up. Neither one wanted the pup.

That's the in-a-nutshell version...and I'm being kind. 

I wrote down the information, but I didn't know of anyone who was looking for a new pup. I sent out a few messages. No reply.

I went about my morning. Work. Housework. Playtime with the kids. Finishing up the Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilt.

Shortly before Lisa's lunch call, I sat on the love seat in the home office. That's not something I usually do. I leaned back. Rocked a bit.

Yes, it's a rocking love seat.

What if...

I sent Lisa a quick email.

"I know it's almost time for our lunch chat, but I wanted to run this by you. What if we adopted her? She'd be the perfect playmate for Lobo. He needs a sibling who's just as active and playful as him. Think about it."

Lisa almost immediately replied.

"We'll talk about it at lunch." 

By the end of our lunch chat, we were leaning towards, "Yes..."

I reached out to a couple of wonderful people who offered some sound advice on taking in a pup who was in heat, what to expect, and everything between.

I reached out to our landlord-upstairs neighbor-friend. Her response was, "You take her home or I will."

I kept Lisa in the loop.

I was an emotional mess. Tears of joy, fear, and anxiety. As with all of our kids, we knew our life would change once again. The next couple of weeks, while the new addition to our family decompressed, things would be a bit crazier, busier, and our routine would shift.

We didn't care. We've been through this 3 times already. 

Within an hour, we made the official "us" decision.


Lisa got the ball rolling with her coworker. It was a go.

After work, Lisa made a quick stop at Walmart for diapers before picking up...

Wilhelmina (formerly Sadie).

So far, she's settled in remarkably well. She's already met her new siblings and they adore her.

The evening went much better than we had anticipated.

Now, I'm exhausted.

I think it's time to shut down, recline, and have a little snuggle sleep time with Willa.

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