Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It Has Taken Me Twice As Long, But They're Done

The past week has been a blur. I'm behind on a few things. Sleep deprivation is through the roof. Even though I declared Sunday as an official Catch Up Day, I'm still struggling to keep up with things. This craziness is temporary. I've been through it with each addition to our family. It lasts for a few weeks. This time around may be a bit longer because Willa is in heat. Exhale. Despite all, I've managed to create a couple more Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts.

It's taken me twice as long, but they're done. 

Prior to creating the first quilt-of-the-week, I wanted to make a dog bone template. I have other ideas for templates, but for now, my focus was on a dog bone. After about an hour, mission accomplished. Next week, I'll make a smaller dog bone template.

Yes, I make my own templates.

Both of the Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts featured a dog bone applique. I loved how it turned out. It definitely motivated me to think of more. After all, if I'm going to sew up 2-3 quilts per week, I need a variety of appliques to add.

When the first quilt was posted, our record was broken. During the Bodacious 7 Days Of Love, one of the quilts sold in 10 seconds. I didn't think that time could, or ever would, be beaten. However, it was. The blue hued quilt sold in 6 seconds.

The woman who purchased the quilt said she kept refreshing her screen.

"It was like purchasing Red Sox tickets. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh."

I think it's safe to say that 6 seconds will be our record. That's the time it takes from point A (mouse click) and point B (screen refresh).

For the second Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilt, I decided to go down the route of Girly-Princess-Diva. I used prints with muted shades of mauve, peach, green, and purple. It sold within 2 minutes.

As with most of the Patchwork Doggy Quilts I've made, it's always hard to part with them. But, I do. Eventually, I'll make one for each of our fur-kids.

Yes, this includes Olivia too. 

Stay tuned for more Bodacious Patchwork Doggy Quilts...

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