Thursday, February 23, 2017

Not Every Kiss Begins With Kay Jewelers

Our old stove, the one we've used for almost 5 years, was hauled away yesterday and replaced with a brand new one. Although I had some feels about parting with Ol' Bessie, I've got some serious love for the new one. I didn't realize just how quirky and broken down Ol' Bessie was until I made Lisa's breakfast this morning and a scrumptious dinner of stuffed mushrooms later in the day. Of course, a little of that cooking bliss had to do with a special delivery this afternoon.

A new set of T-Fal cookware.

T-Fal is my favorite. Over the years, new brands of pots and pans have surfaced like Food Network, Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray, and Chopped. There's also brands that have been around for years including Calphalon, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, etc. Although tempted, I gravitated back to my tried and true favorite.


A new pot and pan set meant clearing out the old. Like with the stove, I had some feels. The old pot and pan set was purchased the day after we moved into our home.

At the time, we didn't have too much money to spend on household stuff. When we hired our realtor, and gave her the lengthy list of criteria, we didn't expect her to find us a place as quick as she did.

We thought it would take several months. And, that was okay, because our wedding was right around the corner.

Less than a week after we hired her, she found us this place. And, we loved it.

Between the expenses of locking in our new home and paying for our wedding, funds were tight.

The pot and pan set we purchased wasn't the best, but it wasn't the cheapest. We also had to purchase blinds, a shower curtain, and lots of other household items.

When we selected the pot and pan set, our mind frame was, "It'll suffice for a couple of years."

Almost 5 years later, we still hadn't purchased a new one.

And since then, we had been given a few other pots and pans that added to our collection along with an electric skillet and deep dish skillet.

Throughout this period, I did complain about not having non-stick pots and pans. Our old set was beyond retirement.

Once again, today, as we got rid of our old set, I reminisced about how many meals our old pot and pan set made.

We kept the small stainless steel pot and pan set that belonged to my Grammy who passed away in 2015.

Everything else got tossed.

I'm a happy girl with my new T-Fal set.

Not every kiss begins with Kay.

Diamonds are not every girl's best friend.

I'm just as happy with a new stove and pot and pan set.


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