Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Snowy Day Sunday Bliss

Our winter has been fairly mild so far. We've had a little snow here and there, but within a day or two, it melted. I've been telling Lisa over and over again that once February hit, we'd get hammered with snow. We always do this time of year, especially around Valentine's Day. On February 9th, Blizzard Chris paid us a visit. Today, we got another round of snow that transitioned to sleet and freezing rain before it ended earlier this evening.

Before the snow started falling, Lisa made a quick trip to the grocery store to get her long awaited Pączki. I got her hooked on these last year and I'm almost ashamed to admit how many we ate. This year, I'm trying to greatly reduce the amount of flour and sugar I eat.

Today was the first day Pączki was in the house. I was good and only had 2 bites.

It ended up being a lazy, snowy kind of day. I spent most of the afternoon at my desk. Sipping a glass or two of wine. Going through my piles of PostIt Notes. Drafting up blog posts. Sipping more wine.

Lisa enjoyed time with the kids on the sofa watching Netflix and napping. The kids always enjoy the extra time with Lisa on Sundays.

The kids were lazy too. Lobo was the last to settle down. He wanted a Valentine's Day Cranberry Crumble Sandwich Cookie. I told him no. It was too early. The kids had just eaten breakfast. So, this is what I had to deal with.

Our Sundays have been quiet as of late. I'm loving that. Saturdays are so busy with housework and catching up on stuff we couldn't get done during the week. Plus, I tutor someone in our home for a few hours in the afternoon. It's usually too busy for me to get any writing done.

To have a day between the hustle and bustle and Monday has been wonderful. When Lisa snuggles with the kids on the sofa, it's quiet for long periods of time. That's not something I get too often during the day on weekdays and on Saturdays.

On a side note, we're almost halfway through February and I'm still not hating it.

I'm hoping it stays that way for the second half of the month...

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