Friday, February 17, 2017

Great Things Have Never Come From Comfort Zones

Over the past 4 years or so, one of the biggest lessons I've learned is that great things have never come from comfort zones. For me, this learning process has been gradual. It has stemmed from a multitude of things. Being a work at home Dog Mom. Bodacious Biscuit Love. Creating new, homemade dog treat recipes. Stepping down from the corporate ladder. Our DIY Dog Mom Projects. Seeing the true colors of the people I once worked for and respected. Launching this blog. The list goes on.

For the longest time, I held onto my comfort zone. Occasionally I would flirt with the boundaries. Eventually, I crossed over and experienced what was beyond those realms, but I always came back. My comfort zone was my safety net. If an idea I had didn't work out, fine. I could easily find refuge in my comfort zone.

I was also too concerned with what people would think or say if I spent too much time out of my comfort zone. I made exceptions to the rule. I backed down from decisions made. I didn't speak up or out. I didn't share the messes. I didn't express my frustrations with anything that went on in my world.

Over the past couple of years, we've made some changes. Last year, we went face forward and onward march with these changes. They needed to happen. We were spreading ourselves too thin. Some people were taking advantage of our kindness. A few who we had donated to generously did not follow through with stuff on their end. We were sending biscuit love, and spending a ridiculous amount on shipping, to some people who couldn't take 30 seconds to send us a note, or reply, to let us know they received their packages. Again, the list goes on.

Growing pains. You live. You learn.

Throughout the second half of last year, I no longer viewed my comfort zone as a positive place to be. If I ventured far away from my comfort zone, and felt the need to creep back, I didn't allow myself to make that final step in.

That was a pretty big deal for me.

I put my foot down with a lot of things in November and December of last year. I stayed focused, not only on the destination, but the journey as well.

In the here and now, my comfort zone no longer exists. I didn't just step out of the box, I kicked it to the curb.

If there's anything I've learned over the past decade in my line of work, it's to stand firm. Be you. Speak, and write, in your own voice. Do what you can do. Speak up. Speak out. Learn how to say no. Be aware of how you present things. Be a part of the conversation. Be in the moment. Learn how to recognize the bullshit and, once you do, don't put up with it. Learn. Grow from the lessons learned from mistakes. Share the messes. Be honest about all of the above. Don't be ashamed of those growing pains and the trials and tribulations.

Throughout the process of embracing those philosophies, you'll filter out the people who probably shouldn't be there.

This is where I'm at now. It's big stuff. Little stuff. The miscellaneous stuff between. I feel more human. Down to earth. I've made more connections with other pet parents in the past 6 months than I ever have. The inspiration for new dog treat ideas and DIY Dog Mom Projects is abundant.

Yesterday, I created a recipe for Bodacious Turkey Veggie Meatball Dog Treats...a new, homemade dog treat recipe that focused entirely on meat. A couple of weeks ago, I created our first ever savory dog treat recipe.

The DIY Dog Mom Projects that we've made in the past 6 months have turned out incredible and during both fundraisers to sell these items, we've sold out!

We also broke a record earlier this month. One of the doggy patchwork quilts I made sold in under 10 seconds after posting.

I'm inspired.

I'm motivated.

I'm beyond grateful for the love and support from our Bodacious Community and close friends who have become family.

I'm grateful for the kind words of support, the photos, the many connections I've made with other Dog Moms and Dog Dads, the emails and messages extending gratitude for the recipes, etc.

I'm grateful for the confidence.

I'm grateful that, for the first time ever, February hasn't sucked.

I can attribute that to ditching my comfort zone.

And, not only stepping outside of the box, but kicking all of those boxes to the curb.


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