Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Kids Know. They Just Do.

Lobo is the most sensitive of all of our kids. He barks the most. Whines the most. He's the first to disturb the peace when a squirrel farts or a leaf rustles. He barks incessantly when Lisa or I leave through the back door. When his cousin Willie barks, he barks. He's the first, and only one, to rush to Olivia's habitat when she makes noises. At times, he bursts into barking fits and we have no idea what he's barking at.

At times, I want to stab my ears with ice picks. 

This week, Lisa has been working late. End of the year stuff. Usually, she's home by 3 in the afternoon. So far, between working late and a errands, she hasn't been getting home until almost 5.

I can tell this has bothered Lobo. 

Today, shortly before taking his afternoon nap, Lobo carried Lisa's flip flop and slipper to the DIY platform bed in the living room before napping.

That was after he put the matching flip flop and slipper beside of the doggy bed in the kitchen.

I have a clear view of the DIY platform bed from my desk.

The scene today melted my heart.

Sophie is feeling it too. Instead of napping on our bed, she curled up on the love seat in our home office. She didn't take her eyes off of me once.

Coco didn't nap soundly like he normally does. After an hour, he got up and paced the house looking for Lisa.

At this point, I moved to the sofa to get some work done.

Coco curled up beside of the sofa armrest.

Sophie sprawled out across my feet.

Lobo curled up on my hip and fell asleep.

They didn't come to life until they heart Lisa unlock the door.

This is one of the reasons why we don't away on overnight getaways. Or vacation. Or leave the house together for more than a few hours at a time.

Our kids know.

They just do.

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