Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My DIY Dog Mom Holiday Gifts - Part 2

As part of our Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas, I've been posting some of the cool DIY Dog Mom Holiday Gifts that I've been making. If you missed Part 1, you can view that right here.  These projects are easy to make and they're the perfect gifts to give to the pet parents on your gift giving list. So far, I've made some gorgeous rustic wood ornaments, holiday pet bundles, and a Bodacious Movie Snack Pack that includes snacks for the humans and pups.

All of these DIY Dog Mom Holiday Gifts are items I make for our own kids for Christmas and give to our dear friends who have fur-babies. 

I'm well aware that there's an abundance of pet themed gifts to choose from in the store. Year after year, the selection increases. You can find anything from filled Christmas stockings to gourmet Christmas cookies for dogs. There's no shortage of pet themed gifts for the pet parents. I find myself marveling at the selection of blankets, decor, toys, and holiday themed apparel. However, as a fan of DIY Dog Mom Projects, I resist the urge to purchase these items.

One of the items we recently posted for the Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas was a biscuit love special. We offered 4 bags of biscuits for the price of 3 and we threw in 2 free dog themed gifts. Someone scooped this up within minutes.

If you have a lot of dog parents on your gift giving list, homemade is the way to go. Our homemade Bodacious Peanut Butter Dog Treats are as easy to make as a batch of human cookies. You probably already have the ingredients on hand to make these. Once cooled and hardened, you can bag up the biscuits, tie a festive bow on the bag, and hand out as gifts. Or, you can include them in a holiday bundle.

Speaking of holiday bundles, we included this one for the Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas. I'll be the first to admit I love pet themed ceramic bowls. When we find 'em on sale, we purchase a few to have on hand for gifts and Bodacious Raffle Baskets.

A ceramic food/water bowl is another option instead of using a basket, bucket, or gift bag. I stuffed this bowl with some tissue paper and paper confetti, 2 bags of our homemade peanut butter dog treats, and a small bag of treats drizzled with a lil' sweetness.

Remember the DIY doggy toy boxes we made for our kids over the summer? Since then, quite a few people have reached out asking if we were going to make more. Initially, my answer was no. However, we decided to surprise everyone and offer one for the Bodacious 12 Days Of Christmas.

It sold in under a minute.

Both the box and the plaque were purchased at Michael's and they need to be sanded before you paint them. For the box, I use a good quality paint from either Lowe's or Home Depot. I buy the paint sample tubs. They run anywhere from $3-$6.

A single tub will coat 3-4 boxes. It all depends on the size.

I give the plaque 2 coats of acrylic craft paint. After I personalize the plaque, I give it a generous coat of protective gloss. The final step is to glue the plaque onto the box.

I received more messages with requests to offer my DIY doggy toy boxes indefinitely. Although my decision isn't final, there's a good chance this will be happening in 2017, but for now, I'm making one more and it's a gift for a dear friend of ours.

There's more DIY Dog Mom Holiday Gifts coming up soon!

Stay tuned!

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